Wilson's Republic #4 Speaker: Shay Moradi


Shay Moradi is a partner at Running in the Halls, where he dabbles in this and that. He sometimes provides the digital duct tape that glues uncommon technologies together and when he's not writing proposals or designing, he is the rubber duck that breaks your code, fries your Arduino and mangles your robotic arm, all in the name of learning. His passion is fusing the eclectic fields of consultancy, interaction design, user experience and common sense. 

With his partners in design and development at Running in the Halls, (Sam and Alison), they've done work for Ford, Rolls-Royce, Channel 4, The Gadget Show and the Open University—Everything from apps and interfaces that are used by thousands of users daily in the fields of education and healthcare, to a Battlefield simulator, a gesture controlled demolition machine, a remote controlled BMW mini and a realtime dog bark translator.


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