So this is probably long overdue. Huddersfield is a big town and for many years it has housed a thriving design community - which continues to grow. There's no shortage of passion either; Huddersfield residents usually have a lot of it.

Our bigger neighbours, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield, are lauded as creative centres with established networks. So why is it that a town with so much design talent has never got together as a single group?

Maybe we don't like each other? Maybe we think we're going to steal each other's clients? Or maybe it's because no one has ever said 'fancy a pint?'.

Let's find out.

We're not entirely sure where this will go or what it will become, but we know one thing: Design in all its forms - and the benefits it can bring to communities, business and culture - keeps cropping up in conversation. We can't help thinking that the next few years may be the best to be a designer.

If Wilson's Republic ends up as a three-times-a-year booze up then that's fine. If it becomes a series of events that inspire us, great. If we end up with a unified voice, then that is something to meet for.

We can't do this without you. 

~ Wilson's Republic